Hush Erotica

Submission Guidelines


What we are looking for

High-quality erotic fiction of varying lengths, including flash fiction (“Quickies”) up to approximately 1,000 words, short stories and feature stories of up to approximately 4,000 words. We also accept promotional excerpts from soon-to-be or recently released full length novels, novellas and compilations. We invite submittals across a wide variety of genres and styles with explicit action ranging from racy romance to hardcore. All work must be sex positive and written with primarily female readers in mind. Hot, mind-blowing sex is important, but great character development, engaging storylines, unexpected settings, emotional and psychological exploration and fluid pacing set truly great erotica apart from the mundane.


Under no circumstances will we accept submission that includes the following: non-consensual sex (BDSM and related consensual non-consent are okay), bestiality (fictional creatures are okay), underage sex (under the age of 18), incest, violence or abusive sex, any unlawful sexual activity, or anything our editors deem inappropriate.

Submittal Period

We do not maintain a specific review period and invite submissions year round.

A few ground rules

  • All work must be written in English
  • We reserve the right to edit submitted stories when necessary
  • Formatting guidelines are provided below
  • We allow and will include links to author websites and book sales pages upon request with the appropriate information provided.  We will not, however, accept stories with links, web addresses, redirects, or any form of advertising or promotion  in the title or body of the story
  • We encourage you submit as many stories as you like, but please include each story in a separate file

The annoying legal stuff

By submitting your work, you agree as follows:

  • You are at least 18 years of age at the time of submission and legally able to write, submit and read erotic material or work that might be deemed pornographic.
  • Exceptive for non-exclusive rights you may have granted to others, you are the sole owner of all rights to your submitted work, including without limitation, any and all intellectual property rights. The work is entirely your own and entirely original, without any portion being reproduced or derivative in any manner. You have full and lawful authority to make and enter into this agreement.
  • You are granting Elite Digital Media, LLC and Hush Erotica (collectively “we” or “our”) royalty-free, non-exclusive electronic rights to your submitted work to be published online in Hush Erotica and related media, such as social media, mobile apps, RSS feeds, etc., provided attribution remains with the original author at all times. The work maybe featured for a period of six months from submissions and may be archived indefinitely.
  • To the fullest extent allowable by law, you agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Elite Digital Media, LLC, Hush Erotica, their officers, directors, owners, executives, managers, employees, successors and assigns, or any of them, from and against any and all claims, suits, damages, or liabilities (including attorneys’ fees and costs) of any kind, arising out of or related to the submission of your work, including without limitation, any claim of copyright infringement, plagiarism or unauthorized use.

Contacting Us

You can reach us by email at  We will make every effort during our review process to keep you apprised of the status of your submittal. Considering the volume of submissions, however, please give us at least 90 days before sending us status inquiries.

How much we pay

We are only accepting unpaid submissions at this time. In our sole discretion and based on a number of factors, we may provide compensation to select authors whom we chose to feature from time to time. We will also gladly include you in our author biography page and provide a link to your website or book sales pages. Please include your biographical and link information at the end of your submission.

Images and artwork

We try to include an image with each story we publish.  If you have a high quality, royalty-free image of your own you would like us to include with your published work, please include the file with your submission and appropriate information showing it is cleared for copyright.

Submit your work

We accept submissions made via our Submissions page or by email at Please email us if you have any questions or experience technical difficulties.

Please submit manuscripts as Word files (.doc), text files (.txt) or rich text format files (.rtf).


The following are basic formatting guidelines we encourage you to follow:

  • Use courier 12 pt. with black type
  • 1” (3cm.) margins on all sides
  • Left justified
  • Double spaced lines with no extra spaces between paragraphs
  • Single space between sentences
  • Indent each new paragraph and each new section of dialogue
  • Identify scene breaks with a blank line containing only a centered hash (#) sign
  • In the header, include a key word from the title of your story, your last name and the page number.  Do not include a header on page 1
  • At the end of your story, please write -The End-.

Your first page should include:

  • A title
  • Word count
  • Your contact details
  • A brief synopsis as appropriate
  • The beginning of your story