Hush Erotica


Thank you for considering publication in Hush Erotica.

What we are looking for

High-quality erotic fiction of varying lengths, including flash fiction (“Quickies”) up to approximately 1,000 words, short stories and feature stories of up to approximately 4,000 words. We also accept promotional excerpts from soon-to-be or recently released full length novels, novellas and compilations. We invite submittals across a wide variety of genres and styles with explicit action ranging from racy romance to hardcore. All work must be sex positive and written with primarily female readers in mind. Hot, mind-blowing sex is important, but great character development, engaging storylines, unexpected settings, emotional and psychological exploration and fluid pacing set truly great erotica apart from the mundane.

What we DO NOT want

Under no circumstances will we accept submission that includes the following: non-consensual sex (BDSM and related consensual non-consent are okay), bestiality (fictional creatures are okay), underage sex (under the age of 18), incest, violence or abusive sex, any unlawful sexual activity, or anything our editors deem inappropriate.

Submittal Period

We do not maintain a specific review period and invite submissions year round.

How to Submit Your Work

You can email your submissions to us at or you can use the Hey Publisher app below. To begin using Hey Publisher, please enter your Hey Publisher account information below, or if you do not already have an account, follow the steps below to create one.

If you have any question or problems submitting your work, please email us at

IMPORTANT: Before submitting anything, please review ourĀ Submission Guidelines for important information. By submitting your work, you agree to their terms and conditions.